Bubs Ellie Comforter


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  • Soft baby comforter made from soft, luxurious fleece.
  • Satin ears featuring Bubs printed fabric and satin printed tail taglet.
  • Embroidered eye so that there’s nothing for baby to pull off.
  • All lovely textures for baby to suck and feel.
  • Available in Pink, Blue and Grey.
  • Free shipping within South Africa.
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The Ellie comforter followed in the footsteps of the Baa Baa Bubs sheep comforter. We went from a farm animal into the wild. The Ellie is made from gorgeous soft mink fleece and has satin printed ears (Bubs) and satin printed tail (Bubs).

The eyes are embroidered, so there is no danger of baby pulling them off.

The different fabrics are great for sensory development and the satin textures are lovely and soft for baby to suck, feel and cuddle, thereby making it a great source of comfort and self-soothing. The Ellie is available in pink, blue or grey and comes in an organza bag ñ perfect for special baby shower gifts.

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Blue, Pink, Grey


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